Rubber Garden

Rubber Garden
About Rubber Garden

This is a very well planned Rubber Garden in the southern part of the country, which is in the district of Cox’s Bazar. Presently the area of the garden is 25 acres. The garden is all most square in size. We are planning to plantation the more rubber trees and besides this some timber plants which are very rapid growing. Though the location of the garden is in the district of Bandarban under the Thana of Naikhongchhari. It is nearer to the area named Eidgaor. The district is located in the extreme eastern-southern part of the country. The landscape of the garden is an undulating. There is no any factory around this area so no question of pollution problem will arise. As there is, a huge number of different wild plants are growing without adding any nutriment, so it may be assumed that this land is naturally very fertile. The soil is very rich with natural nutrient contents. We have an office there and employed an officer who is looking after the garden. No latex is yet collected from the rubber trees but in near future this will be possible.

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