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Younus Group of Industries has been established in 2008 a very well equipped FlyingAcademy named Galaxy Flying Academy Ltd. in Bangladesh. It was reconstructed recently and housed under a beautiful building. It is located in the vicinity of our International Airport Dhaka, Bangladesh. Classes are held here.Presently we have several number of Cessna training aircrafts which are flying regularly. Trainee students are using these for training purposes. Very learned and experienced teams of 35 flying instructors, engineers are providing adequate and modern training. Enough time is for spent for practical flying classes to make the trainees become very enthusiastic and motivated pilots. After training they are absorbed in different reputed airlines of the region and the rest of the world. If any bodies dream to be a Pilot we have made such arrangement of adequate education system in our Flying Academy to become a professional Pilot of the aviation sector. Very learned and experienced instructors are providing adequate and modern learning system with huge time of practical flying classes to make the learners to become a very enthusiastic and motivated Pilot. To reach the mission of digital and developed Bangladesh we have an idea to contribute to the best of our efforts to the Govt. of Bangladesh we have plan to diversify our flying academy’s activities. To do that diversification we are interested to start aeronautical engineer in our flying academy besides the present training of Pilots. By this time 153 trainees have been completed their graduation as a Pilot. We have established a beautiful ground school at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dhaka, Bangladesh where all of our ground classes is conducting from May 2016. We have five Cessna training aircraft (C-152 and C-172) are always ready to take the students for use of different training purposes. GFA wants to encompass other aviation related training as well as aeronautical engineering aircraft maintenance engineering, Cabin Crew training, different aviation studies etc. In future we have a plan that our this flying academy will be a center of excellent in learning, teaching, research and developing global leaders in the World of aviation. It will gain recognition nationally and internationally and attract brilliant student’s faculty’s scholars and staff from all parts of the World. We identify the GFA four shared key values of ‘Challenge’ ‘Openers’ ‘Speed’ and ‘Team Work’ and we are developing activities based upon the sharing of our Academy’s philosophy, values and strategies as we aim to truly be a socially responsible body. The perspective of diversity is indispensable if the GFA is to transform itself into an organization that can continue to produce innovations like different aviation sectors.

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